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Tired of training classes that seem to focus on everything except what you need?  Let Leapfrog U design a class to sharpen your company’s skills in international trade without sinking a big investment in resources.

We custom design our classes to meet YOUR specific problem areas. The Leapfrog experts have first-hand knowledge in every aspect of the industry to ensure effective training and success for your staff, including the latest in regulations and document procedures.

Learn more about our on-site, group and one-on-one training sessions. Leapfrog offers group classes, webinars, and one-on-one training at your facility or ours.  Raised hands and questions encouraged!

Contact a member of the Leapfrog staff TODAY to find out dates and availability.

Classes & Webinars

Letters of Credit 101 – Let’s Review a Letter of Credit! – a great place to start. Let Leapfrog take the apprehension out of Letters of Credit by showing you Letter of Credit structure, explain its purpose, show you different types, and describe the risks as well as the benefits of using Letters of Credit as your payment tool. Leapfrog’s hands-on class allows you to get up close and personal with Letters of Credit.

Letters of Credit 2.0 –   Takes it to the next level with detailed reviews of LC’s, UCP 600 and ISBP and other documents to help ensure your continued success with Letters of Credit.

Fundamentals of Exporting  –  “Bringing it all Together” – a look at the shipping world full circle –  from Starting at the Sale, Determining your Cost, Export Compliance, Shipping & Documentation, and finally Completing the Purchase this proves to be an invaluable class for your staff.  Lots of information to take and integrate into your business immediately.

IncoTerms 2010 – IncoTerms 2010 Rules in the shipping world.   Let us help you understand IncoTerms2010 and show you how to make IncoTerms work for you!

Working in Risky Markets – Let Leapfrog show you how to use Letters of Credit as a tool to increase sales by offering terms in areas where credit insurance and Exim will not fund, allowing you to expand your markets and your sales.

One-On-One Training

With any of the classes above, our complete attention focuses on your company’s specific needs.

Customized Training

Our specialty is working with your entire organization. Companies large and small have used Leapfrog training to increase capacity in international trade by making your operations more internally efficient, we provide the customized, organization-specific training to get you there.

Speaking Engagements

The U.S. Department of Commerce, as well as many schools and universities, rely on Leapfrog experts to share their vast wealth of industry knowledge. We are available for your conferences, meetings and seminars. Call for more information.