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Specialized Letter of Credit Services

LC Structuring – The #1 service we offer to ensure 100% payment success. At conception of your deal we drive the process by working with the draft copies of the buyer/supplier/carrier contracts – purchase orders to structure your Letter of Credit to meet all parties’ expected needs. Additionally, we will pre-arrange confirmation, discounting, assignments and other essential supplementary banking services as required.

Bank Shopping – Not any one trade bank is strong in every situation. But, our extensive network of banking relationships enables us to save you money by reducing confirmation, discounting and other essential bank costs. In most cases those savings more than pay for our services.

We specialize in matching the right bank with the right deal.

LC instructions – Provide us with the details of your transaction and Leapfrog Documents will provide detailed LC instructions for the buyer’s issuing bank.

Draft LC Review – Leapfrog’s review of the draft LC safeguards buyers’ compliance of your agreed terms and conditions to avoid moving forward on transactions that are not fundable. You will save additional money by reducing costly amendment fees.

Advised LC Review – Once you receive your formally issued Letter of Credit our Leapfrog advisory team is vital to ensuring compliance. Because our Leapfrog staff has extensive forwarding, banking and document knowledge under one roof we are able to offer a detailed analysis of your Letter of Credit.  We provide real answers to your questions by looking at your transaction from every outlook.

Stand-by Letters of Credit / Performance Bonds / Bank Guarantees – Let Leapfrog Documents be an additional resource to structure, review and apply for your SBLC’s, PB’s and BG’s. This will ensure that the payment tool meets the needs of both the buyer and the seller.

Assignment of Proceeds – Leapfrog’s 100% payment record assures an assignee’s payment under your LC. Not only do we assist in setting up confirmed assignments – Leapfrog accepts them as a form of payment.

Back to Back / Transfer LC’s – Leapfrog is the leader in un-stacking the layers of back to back and transfer LC’s – balancing consistency, compliance and confidentiality of sensitive details and documents.

Leapfrog Customer Suite – It’s easy to stay informed! As a free service to Leapfrog customers you will have on-line 24/7 access to our secured “Leapfrog Customer Suite”. Stay current with important transaction details, upload and download essential documents, run detailed reports and track your couriers and payments in real time.

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