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Letter of Credit Document Preparation Services

LC Document Preparation and Coordination – Leapfrog’s expert staff will prepare, coordinate, and issue all beneficiary required documents to LC specifications. We provide timely instructions and coordinate release of compliant documents with any transportation, inspection, insurance or other 3pl company. Our team understands the importance of reducing discrepancies and on-time documents during this crucial step in the LC process. Ask us about our Rush Service.

Negotiation – Leapfrog’s expert team works for you! We will copy, sign, seal, distribute and track your documents to the buyer, negotiating and issuing bank. We will follow up to ensure clean documents within the presentation time, notify you of your payment date and ensure the funds reach your bank. Our job isn’t complete until you get paid.

Leapfrog Customer Suite – It’s easy to stay informed! As a free service to Leapfrog customers you will have on-line 24/7 access to our secured “Leapfrog Customer Suite”. Stay current with important transaction details, upload and download essential documents, run detailed reports and track your couriers and payments in real time.

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