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Letters of Credit

A team with a 100-percent success rate is one that you want as your partner. Leapfrog is that team! In over a decade of business, Leapfrog has never had a single Letter of Credit unpaid. From structuring terms to the payment process, we will show you how Letters of Credit will work for you, not only to get you paid, but to also contribute to your overall business strategy.

A Letter of Credit formalizes a relationship—and its successful execution depends on each party working seamlessly to ensure payment. Leapfrog will create a true partnership among all parties in your transaction that effect payment allowing us to contact the right person to take the proper action to keep things moving forward – every minute counts when your money is at stake.

Working with Terms and Risky Markets

Leapfrog prides itself in its “Think outside of the box” strategy. Our forward thinking, extensive industry knowledge and excellent global reputation combined, allow Leapfrog to help you see how working with terms in risky markets can increase your full business strategy. We reduce the risk in “risky markets”, where Credit Insurance and Exim Financing are not options. Leapfrog Document customers who have used our specialized Letter of Credit Services successfully work with buyers that need usance terms from 30 to 360 days and yet get paid now. They pay suppliers and other 3PL’s from their buyer’s letters of credit and generate more revenue by increasing sales in risky markets. They have reduced costly errors and banking fees, while providing their customers with accurately prepared – on time banking documentation. Our customers know first-hand and believe in our slogan “getting you paid is our business”!

Overshadowing Industry Competition

Many options exist for Letters of Credit.  We specialize in Documentary, Stand-by, Back to Back , Transfer, Domestic, Foreign  and  Foreign to Foreign Letters of Credit, Bank Guarantees, Performance Bonds and Assignments.   We offer structuring and consulting services that begin at conception of your deal. Full LC review services, full or partial preparation of your LC documents, coordination with any 3pl provider , distribution of your documents as per your contract and LC , negotiation of your documents for payment, tracking your documents to arrival, ensure payments are made on time to all parties and document the entire process in our secured Leapfrog Customer Suite”.

What We Offer

We are at our very best when involved at the conception of your deal. However; incorporating Leapfrog Document Services into any part of your LC transaction will add value to your process.