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Importers and Exporters

Avoiding Risk and Realizing Cost Savings

Importers and Exporters, you are our target audience. Whether we work with you directly or indirectly through your forwarder or customs house broker, our eye is always on the prize – Getting You Paid! With our specialized Letter of Credit, Direct Collection and quality on-time Trade Document services, Leapfrog is a valuable asset to your team.

As simple as it sounds, it’s all about documents. Documents control the process. If the documents are correct and in place, all is well in the shipping world. Let Leapfrog determine the best strategy for your project and ensure you have all the precise documents needed to drive the process from beginning to end.

Letters of Credit and the Importer/Exporter

Our Leapfrog staff targets the risk areas and sees ways we can help make a Letter of Credit a maximized financial tool. We can help negotiate banking fees and other terms – and most of all, we’ll make the whole process clear and transparent to you. Our goal: A Letter of Credit that meets the needs of both the Seller and the Buyer.

Exporters, we know that all banks are not created equal; some banks are better for certain deals than others due to product or geographical experience. We maintain close relationships with not just the big banks, but also with the smaller boutique banks. And, because Leapfrog deals with banks all around the world, our core expertise includes knowing both the right bank for your particular deal and the way to engage the bank on your behalf.

Importing goods under Letters of Credit payment terms? Why pay costly detention and demurrage fees due to missing documentation? Our specialized team can assist you in applying for your LC’s whether irrevocable or stand-by, structuring the LC so your Seller knows you want to pay but at the same time securing your financial investment and smooth customs clearance through proper documentation requirements. We don’t have to stop there. Leapfrog will manage the process after the documents reach your bank to ensure any discrepancies are dealt with quickly, your Seller gets paid and the original documents reach the customs broker on time for clearance procedures.

Trade Documentation and the Importer/Exporter:
Streamline and Save Time

Some companies use Leapfrog as an alternative for an internal import or export department since hiring full-time staff with our expertise in documentation, regulations and trade processes can be costly. One call to Leapfrog and all of our resources become your resources, allowing you to increase your services, expand your trade options and reduce your overall cost.

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