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Freight Forwarders

Letters of Credit, Collections and the Freight Forwarder

As the freight forwarder, your role in moving cargo and providing transport documents as per banking requirements is essential to the overall success of getting the beneficiary paid. Our goal is to work in advance of a problem by ensuring compliance prior to shipment. Bills of lading showing incorrect ports, under-insured cargo and incorrect vessel certificates are just examples of potential costly delays that Leapfrog is able to bypass through our partnerships.

Our team will guide you through the banking process and provide all necessary document instructions. We bring value to your overall bottom line by decreasing errors and reducing staff required to have complex banking knowledge, allowing you to focus on your core strength – moving freight.

Trade Documentation and the Freight Forwarder

When we say “one call to Leapfrog does it all” – we mean it! Not only do we provide all the documentation needed but we also supply “In-House” Chambers, Notaries and country specific CO’s.