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Leapfrog Document Services

Essential trade documents and services made easy

Leapfrog Document Services is a full service document company specializing in Letters of Credit, Direct Collections and Domestic and Foreign Trade Documentation.

Whether you are a big or small company – working domestically or abroad – we absolutely have something to offer you.  Our complete scope of Letter of Credit and document services, our qualified staff combined with our extensive industry resources allows Leapfrog to bring value to every organization.

Letters of Credit and Direct Collections

Seller, supplier or 3PL – the Letter of Credit serves as a protection tool for your investment! Leapfrog will take the risk out of the equation by taking control of the “unknown complexities” and manage them precisely to ensure that your business does not lose money. From sensitive structuring, to producing accurate and timely documents, to tracking payment to your bank – our Letter of Credit experts understand the necessary procedures, regulations, and guidelines involved to ensure your payment success.

Trade Documentation and Services

Your document services handler should understand that your success and the safety of your investment depend on accurate, compliant and on-time documents.   Choose Leapfrog and every document needed to streamline your deal will be complete and on time.

Importers & Exporters

Want to increase your services, reduce your overall cost and expand your trade sales options? Hiring full time staff with our expertise in documentation can be costly. Use Leapfrog to enhance your company by tapping into our extensive network of trade resources and partners as well as our own qualified expert staff .

Freight Forwarders

Leapfrog has earned trusted partnerships with transportation companies. Partnering with Leapfrog for document services means a freight forwarder can focus on its core needs while we meet the many benchmarks needed for successful documentation.