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About Leapfrog

Trust Earned through Experience

Trust and experience go hand in hand.  You can’t have one without the other – and because we understand that, Leapfrog’s goal has always been the same – to earn that trust by properly structuring the deal, reducing the risk and getting you paid!

Since our founding in 2001, Leapfrog has earned an outstanding reputation as a company of integrity with extensive experience in freight forwarding, global trade and import-export business administration. Our business strategy has been shaped to offer the precision and responsiveness of a small business while employing the comprehensive resources of a larger one.

Leapfrog is also known for thinking outside the box to offer creative solutions for impossible situations. For businesses of all sizes and types, working with Leapfrog is always the same custom-tailored experience. We understand that for all the exacting care that must be taken with every document, international trade is essentially built on relationships. Here there is no substitute for experience, knowing your customer and knowing who to call to get things done!

And, in a business where time is of the essence, Leapfrog has established relationships that make global trade move smoothly. We’ve been successful for more than a decade with exemplary results.  Our customers have never had a single Letter of Credit go unpaid.  That record forms part of the foundation of trust that moves our business – like your freight – forward.